Environmental Toxins

In this interview you will learn about hidden environmental toxins that can disrupt your hormones and impact your fertility along with how to make simple swaps to help reduce your exposure.


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Learn how to clean up your environment to help you concieve

Christine Tether

Christine Tether is the founder of Nettle and Oat Herbal Holistics. She is trained as an ecologist, fertility specialist, hormone imbalance coach and is currently training to become a herbalist with a specialty in women’s health and fertility.  Through her own struggles with endometriosis, hormone imbalance and years of infertility, she found her passion for everything women’s health.

Her goal is to help you find effective, evidence based plant and holistic solutions to improve your fertility and your chances of conceiving. All by creating and using simple plans that can easily be incorporated into a busy life! I believe we can do this by connecting with the plants and nature around us. 

Website: https://christinetether.com

IG: @nettleandoat