Fertility Testing & Screening Made Easy

In this interview you will learn how being over 30 may impact your fertility, along with critical testing and screening that will help you navigate a plan for your future family.


Fertility screening made easy, learn more about her TUSHY method.

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh

In the nearly 20 years since she completed her medical training in 2001, Dr. Aimee has become well-known for her innovative approach to fertility care that begins with diagnosis before treatment.

Have you ever used a driving navigation app and been redirected midway to a better route? The app removes obstacles out of an otherwise potentially painful traffic situation using data. It’s not a one-size fits-all-route; it’s customized and updated in real-time. Dr. Aimee brings the beauty of a “map app” to fertility care by serving as a personal navigator for every one of her patients. Infertility can result from a range of factors, and the more data Dr. Aimee has on those factors, the better the chances are for her patients to get to their destination: a baby.

This begins with her TUSHY method, a vital set of fertility screenings that will help her identify the most common causes of infertility and set up a care plan specifically designed for you. 

Website: https://draimee.org

IG: @eggwhisperer