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3 ways to work with your body to properly prepare for pregnancy

This coaching video will reveal,

  • What the research is saying about preconception health and why you should prepare in the first place
  • My number one rule on 'how to eat' to conceive
  • The problem with taking 'folic acid' and what you should take instead
  • How to find your unique ovulation window to ultimately get pregnant

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You’re ready to start thinking about the next phase of your life. A baby! This decision can feel overwhelming, daunting and exciting all at the same time. 


I feel you, I’ve been there too

We are currently living in an unprecedented time where women are now waiting well into their 30’s, and even early 40’s, to have babies.  The traditional mindset of marriage and babies in your early to mid 20’s is quickly dissolving. And with that comes an entirely new landscape to navigate due to female biology and our timeline on having a healthy pregnancy and baby.


It is no secret that fertility naturally declines as we age, and this alone can be anxiety provoking enough to keep you in the mindset of fear and scarcity. You might be thinking about the consequences that this timeline has on your body and reproductive system. 


  • Will I be able to get pregnant naturally?
  • When should I go off birth control?
  • When should I start taking prenatal supplements?
  • How can I be sure my body is healthy enough to conceive and carry a baby to term?
  • How do I improve the quality of my eggs?


These were some of the questions that were weighing on my mind as I moved into my mid thirties, but decided to ignore them because my life partner hadn’t manifested yet. I’d keep telling myself, I will re-evaluate again soon, no need to worry now. However, on the night of my 36th birthday, I awoke out of my sleep with a ton of angst in the pit of my stomach. I started to get really nervous about how much time I had left to have a baby.


As an intuitive woman, I knew this was a sign. I couldn’t ignore my feelings any longer. So, I started diving into the research and experimenting with myself. From my research, I was able to immediately flip this script and stay confident in the mindset that women can easily conceive and have healthy, beautiful babies. 


So, if you've been thinking...

“I’ll probably have to go to a fertility clinic”

“I don’t know if I will be able to conceive naturally” 

“My period is irregular and my hormones are out of whack”

This might not be true for you!

I want you to know that…

You can have healthy babies well into your thirties 

Your body is extremely resilient and there are TONS of natural, effective ways prep for fertility

You can take control of your reproductive health


You just need to start focusing on KEY aspects of your health right now.

Believe me, I’ve been in your shoes before.  So let me help YOU discover how to optimize your health and fertility by focusing on preconception care. 


  • Learned how to master your menstrual cycle 
  • Knew the most ideal time to conceive
  • Started consuming a diet that optimized your fertility
  • Knew the best prenatal supplements to start taking and when to take them
  • Had a curated fitness plan that met the needs of YOUR body to prepare for pregnancy
  • Were WELL on your way with creating a toxic and stress free environment to maximize your chances of conceiving naturally


Are you ready to take action and start optimizing your health and fertility now?

Let’s come up with a solid game plan together. My preconception program helps women like you prepare their body for an easy pregnancy through mastering their cycle and optimizing fertility.


1:1 Private Coaching

Together we'll come up with a solid game plan to identify your needs. This is a high-touch completely personalized program.


Introducing my 1:1 Private Coaching Program

A 12-week personalized program to help you optimize your health and fertility.


Here’s why you need this program:

This program has been created for women in their 30’s by a female fertility and pregnancy coach in her 30’s!

What I’ve done is taken a holistic approach to fertility and focused on ALL aspects of health including nutrition, fitness, supplements, environment and mindset, which most other programs out there don't do. This program has been made with you in mind!

I’m not just giving you a bunch of videos and letting you figure this all out on your own.

This is a high-touch completely personalized program where I’ll be right with you, every step of the way. This means that you’ll get personalized feedback and support throughout the entire program.

Our time together includes:

  • 12 hours of Coaching Support from me including 12 x 60-minute  online session coaching calls. All sessions are recorded for lifetime access.
  • Weekly Guidance with detailed step by step instructions following each consultation targeted to reach your goals. Including food and fitness diaries, progress trackers, checklists and symptomatology questionnaires so you can watch your progress and feel empowered.
  • Weekly Email accountability check-ins and access to me through voice note or messenger when you have any questions or are feeling stuck. 
  • A thorough health intake to get a clear picture on your current state of overall and reproductive health so we can identify your weak areas and focus on how to improve them.
  • A Personalized Preconception Plan that suits the needs of YOUR body, health goals and lifestyle to optimize your fertility. 
  • Access to credible resources including personalized meal plans, recipes, step by step workout and yoga routines, menstrual tracking tools and more.

We dive deep into...

Find out how to master your cycle, so it's a no brainer for when you want to conceive. 

Learn how to:

  • Get off birth control safely and the right timing to do so
  • Identify when you are ovulating
  • Identify your high and low energy days to maximize your workouts to achieve better results
  • Befriend your PMS and period to work WITH your cycle as opposed to dreading it

Get support with creating a customized meal plan that promotes your gut health and fertility.

Learn how to:

  • Regulate your bowel movements and improve digestion
  • Stabilize your blood sugar 
  • Hydrate properly
  • Be aware of and manage your food sensitivities and/or allergies
  • Create a balanced meal and daily meal plan to keep you energized and mentally focused
  • Consume KEY fertility nutrients to optimize egg and sperm health

Set up the ideal movement plan for YOU to not only strengthen your body to carry to term, but to help you bounce back postpartum.

Learn how to:

  • Curate your fitness plan around your menstrual cycle 
  • Balance high intensity impact training with yoga, resistance and strength training
  • Achieve a healthy weight pre baby 
  • Strengthen your core, lower back, hips, shoulders and upper back
  • Stretch and breath to minimize injury and physical stress

Create a supplement regimen so that you are boosting your nutrient stores and KEY fertility nutrients.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the right prenatal supplement for you for optimal absorption
  • Identify ingredients that you need to avoid in your supplements
  • Build your supplement protocol into your busy day 
  • Stay consistent with your supplement routine


Understand the harmful reproductive effects of toxins and chemicals in your environment.

Learn how to:

  • Identify hormone disruptor chemicals
  • Lower your toxic load
  • Choose eco friendly products and start using them in your everyday routine
  • Improve your body’s ability to eliminate toxins

Become a pro at managing your stress and identifying what’s triggering you

Learn how to:

  • Start a daily meditation practice 
  • Change your response to stress
  • Calm your mind through breathing techniques
  • Start a journaling practice

Our time together also includes guidance through a 14-Day Fertility Cleanse which is an essential step in your fertility journey by taking a deep dive into the health of your digestion, uterus and liver.

Book Your Discovery Call

I can help you start thinking about how you can begin to take action with your very own preconception plan toda

At the end of our 90 days together, you will be:

  • Clear on how your body changes throughout YOUR menstrual cycle and ultimately know when you’re ovulating to get pregnant
  • Educated on and eating a preconception diet that stabilizes blood sugar, boosts your egg (and sperm) quality and optimizes your weight
  • Rid of or significantly minimized digestive issues to help boost your immune system and improve your gut health to enhance absorption of vitamins, minerals and key fertility nutrients
  • Taking the right KEY fertility supplements for you and your body
  • Well into your fitness plan feeling physically stronger and more flexible to help prep your body for pregnancy and birth
  • Feeling confident, empowered and mindful of your body and overall health to help you transition more effortlessly into the next phase of your life

You’ll Receive…


  • Accountability and coaching the entire way to build lasting healthy habits and set you up for success through progress trackers and symptomatology questionnaires
  • Menstrual Tracking tools to understand your hormones and the best time to start ‘trying’
  • Personalized Nutrition meal plans + recipes 
  • Prenatal Supplement recommendations
  • Workout and Yoga videos, including curated weekly exercise plans created to support your weight goal, hormones and reproductive health
  • Fertility Cleanse guide to detox your body and environment of harmful toxins and chemicals
  • Alternative Therapy options to help you build your Prenatal team of practitioners 
  • Unlimited support via email/slack access during the duration of the program

Before you click away from this page, I know that you might be thinking why can’t I just do all of this on my own?  It can’t be that hard!


I get this because I once thought this way. Staying on top of any new health plan takes focus, motivation and discipline, in addition to credible guidance and someone to hold you accountable along the way. 


Working 1:1 with clients over the years, I’ve seen incredible health transformations take place in only a few short months by having a plan, and a coach to help you stick to it. 

  • Imagine optimizing your fertility starting now, not in 6 months or 1 year.
  • Imagine feeling physically strong and achieving your ideal weight before you conceive.
  • Imagine knowing the best fertility nutrition plan for YOU and your lifestyle to make it easy to implement and sustain.
  • Imagine feeling empowered about your menstrual cycle, highly aware of your hormonal changes and knowing the most optimal time to get pregnant.

This is all possible for you, with the right support!


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