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I help women in their 30’s prepare their body for a natural pregnancy

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Hey there, I’m Nora.

Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor  and Personal Trainer specializing in Preconception Care.

Are you in your 30’s looking to get pregnant in the near future?

Does the thought of your age make you nervous or anxious about conceiving naturally? 

Maybe you’ve been wondering:

  • Are my eggs too old?

  • How do I prep my body for pregnancy?

  • When should I start taking prenatal supplements?

  • Will I be able to get pregnant naturally? 

  • What foods should I be eating?

  • When should I go off birth control?


If this sounds like you, I HEAR YOU!

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– Quoted Client, Mother of 1

These were some of the questions that woke me up straight out of my sleep on my 36th birthday. I knew that I wanted to have a baby, but my life partner hadn’t manifested yet.


I started to get really nervous about how much time I had left to have a baby. 


So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and empowered myself on ALL the things I could do to optimize my health so that I could conceive naturally when the time is right.

Now, I help women like you do the same.

My superpower is helping you achieve your best health BEFORE pregnancy so that your mind and body are in the most optimal state to conceive naturally when you’re ready.  This gives you a greater chance for a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and easier bounce back postpartum.

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1:1 Private 


Together in my 1:1 program, we come up with a solid game plan to identify your personalized needs. This is a high-touch completely personalized program focusing on all aspects of health including nutrition, fitness, environment, supplements and mindset.

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Online Program

This is an 8-week hands on group program that helps you prepare your body for pregnancy in a step by step way. With access to weekly videos, meal plans, fitness routines and more, this program will hold you accountable and keep you organized and motivated the entire way through.

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