Exercise and Fertility

In this interview you will learn about exercise levels when planning a pregnancy vs. actively conceiving vs. undergoing fertility treatments.


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Lyndsey Clabby

Lyndsey Clabby is a co-founder of myMindBodyBaby.  It took her and her husband four years, countless needles & tests, multiple failed rounds of IUI, miscarriage, and two rounds of IVF to bring their son Bronsen into the world.  Sawyer came two years later, followed by Adalyn in 2020.  She is a self-reported cardio-addict, and when not parenting or helping support other women trying to grow their families, she likes to run and try new workouts.  She is an experienced brand manager & entrepreneur (BMSc, MBA), certified fitness instructor for the past 16 years, and a Patient Advocate for Fertility Matters Canada.

Website: www.mymindbodybaby.com

IG: @mymindbodybaby