A 3-month program for women who are looking to understand how to properly prepare their body to optimize fertility, balance hormones and get pregnant.


Welcome to the ONLY online Fertility Education you will ever need to prepare you (and your partner) for growing your family

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The '4R Method' on how to Eat To Get Pregnant

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I’m just getting started on my TTC Journey and feel overwhelmed and confused on where to start.

  • My fertility interventions have not been successful, and my doctor wants me to do another round without any changes to my protocol

  • I’ve been trying for a few months and my doctor tells me there isn’t anything they can do until a year has passed

  • I’ve been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ and they tell me the only option is IVF

  • I’ve had a miscarriage, but my lab results have all come back "normal.”

If so, then I bet one of these is also true...

  • You’re ready to break up with Dr. Google and finally get clear and confident on how to properly prepare your unique body for pregnancy.

  • You’re not getting the support you need from your doctor and/or fertility clinic. When you’re there, you feel like they are rushing you and don’t thoroughly explain your lab results or ask you about the nuances of your cycles, lifestyle and nutrition that could be contributing to your problem.

  • You know - deep in your gut - you’re ready to be a mom and worthy of experiencing this miracle in life because your body was designed for it.

What if you knew how to finally move the needle forward on your health to make the necessary changes to get pregnant?



Get ready, because you're about to learn how.

I'm so glad you are here!

Michelle's Story

Michelle, currently 39 years old and 7 months pregnant. Started TTC at 36 years old. After 3 failed IUI's, 3 rounds of egg retrieval which gave her OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and an embryo transfer that failed 5-weeks in, she was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. That's when Michelle found me and the trajectory of her health changed. Listen to her story here.


Here’s what you really need (that no one is teaching you) to properly prepare your body to get pregnant.



The Master Your Cycle To Get Pregnant Program was created to help you take the guesswork out of how to prepare your body for pregnancy.


So much of health care and pregnancy today is about tricking and forcing the body to do what you want it to do, but my philosophy is a bit different. Give the body what it needs and remove what is dragging it down, and it will heal itself. 


By working with the body instead of against it, you create a healthier environment for conception to occur. 

This 3-month highly curated group coaching program teaches you how to optimize fertility by accurately charting your cycle and then mapping your hormones with specific foods and self care routines that promote a state of healing and balance.

You don't have to do this alone, with me in your corner you'll finally be able to...

Gain the confidence you need

From cycle charting, to knowing what to eat and supplements to stay away from, you will build unwavering confidence in how to prepare your body for a successful pregnancy. 

Learn how to advocate for your health

No more feeling left at the mercy of your doctor, not knowing how your body and hormones work. Take back control and know what to ask and look for with blood labs and fertility testing results. 

Prime your body for pregnancy

Lower your risk of miscarriage, pregnancy complications and a negative postpartum experience by priming the body with what it needs to balance hormones, lower inflammation and improve gut health.

Here's what you get INSIDE the Master Your Cycle to Get Pregnant Program



  • You get access to online trainings on the most up-to-date preconception health and fertility research to give you targeted advice, feedback and guidance as you prepare your body for pregnancy. This portal is organized and broken out in a paced manner where you build on the previous weeks content (see week by week breakdown below).


  • Every week I lead a live group coaching call based on the topic and pre-work assigned from the membership portal.  These sessions give you an opportunity to personalize the content, stay accountable and motivated throughout the program.


  • Every individual who signs up gets a 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with me to review your charts, blood labs, supplement regiment and any personalized protocol (for both you and your partner) based on your diet, hormones, and health history.


  • Think of this as having me in your back pocket at all times during our time together. You'll get access to a separate private Facebook Group where you can post your daily questions while also being in a closed community full of like-minded women who are moving through the program with you.


A week by week breakdown

We begin the program by focusing on your mindset and setting up the fundamentals to have the best possible experience during this phase of your journey. 

Modules include (1) Moving to Growth Mindset (2) Morning and Evening Rituals and (3) Getting started with Blood Labs.

In week 2 you learn the foundations of proper cycle charting, how your hormones work and the parameters of a healthy menstrual cycle giving you a baseline to work towards.  

Modules include (1) The Menstrual Cycle (2) Charting Your Cycle and (3) Optimizing Cervical Mucus 

In week 3 we dive into KEY nutrients for preconception, fertility and pregnancy while placing an emphasis on boosting gut health so your body can reap the benefits of the foods you're eating. 

Modules include (1) Nutrition Masterclass (2) Gut Health & Fertility and (3) Guilty Pleasures: Caffeine, Soy, Alcohol, Gluten and Sugar.

Meal plans and recipes included, including vegan and vegetarian options.

In week 4 we laser focus on how to optimize egg and sperm health with foods, supplements and lifestyle factors.

Modules include (1) The Recipe for Super Sperm and (2) How To Improve Egg Quality.

In week 5 you'll learn how to navigate the multi-billion dollar world of supplements and how to choose the most bioavailable forms and stay away from harmful additives. In this module you'll get a personalized supplement schedule and direct access (and a discount) to the best fertility supplements on the market.

In week 6 you'll learn how to do an environmental audit to rid your living space of hormone disruptors and toxins that could be negatively impacting your fertility.

Modules include (1) The Barrel Effect & Xenoestrogens and (2) Natural Product Alternatives. 

In week 7 you learn how to manage and treat irregular cycles to ultimately balance your hormones and help you get pregnant. Two key hormones we focus on are estrogen and progesterone.

Modules include (1) PCOS (2) Endometriosis (3) Thyroid Problems and (4) Period Pain 

During weeks 8-11 we focus on each week of your menstrual cycle and how to optimize each phase with targeted nutrition and self care strategies.

Modules include (1) Cycle Week 1 - Menses (2) Cycle Week 2 - Preparing for Ovulation (3) Cycle Week 3 - Conception & Luteal and (4) Cycle Week 4 - Prep for Implantation

Targeted meal plans and recipes included for each week of your cycle. Vegan and vegetarian options included.

In week 12 you learn how to prepare your body for IUI, IVF, egg retrieval and embryo transfer if your working with (or plan to work with) assisted reproductive technology.

By the end of the program,

you will reclaim your body and feel a higher sense of well being and empowerment.  You will confidently walk away with a roadmap that you repeat with each menstrual cycle to help you optimize fertility as you try to conceive. 


By making the right changes to your nutrition and self care routine, you are setting up your body to change in a way that is creating an environment for conception to occur. 

Amy's Story

Amy, 31 years old, a Clinical Psychologist in training, going into to her residency at her 5th year in school. With a highly demanding schedule, rescheduled COVID wedding and a move to another state, see how Amy overcame her fears, optimized her fertility, got pregnant after a miscarriage and cleaned up her adult acne.




Prices in USD





Prices in USD



Meet Your 


Nora DeBora is a Preconception Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor who helps women prepare their bodies for pregnancy and have a healthy baby after 30.


With over 7 years of coaching experience and education in holistic nutrition, movement and mindfulness, Nora has helped countless women optimize  their reproductive health through her holistic principles.


Nora is passionate about educating and empowering women about their bodies and can be found spreading the word on podcasts, digital media and tv. 


It's time to make a choice!

Do you want to be on the hamster wheel every single month doing the same thing over again as you pray for that positive pregnancy test?

There are key strategies and principles when preparing the body for pregnancy.  Inside the Master Your Cycle to Get Pregnant Program, I teach you the proven principles and strategies you need to optimize fertility, balance your hormones and lower inflammation to prime the body for a healthy baby. 

Don't wait any longer, your solution is right here!


Carine's Story

Carine, currently 35 years old with a 7 month old baby girl. Her biggest fear as she began TTC was her age and the quality of her eggs. While Carine got pregnant in her second month of trying, she experienced gestational diabetes while pregnant. Listen to her story and how she overcame a life altering condition with the support of a coach.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The skills you learn in this program will help you nourish, heal and balance the body with nutrition and self care activities. These can be used at any stage of your fertility journey, and could even improve the effectiveness of your fertility treatments. 

Once you enrol in the program, you will receive lifetime access. Any updates and additions will be reflected in the program, so you’ll receive free, ongoing access to the latest and greatest version.

Once you pay and register for the program, there are no refunds issued.

This program is best suited for women any age and stage of their trying to conceive journey. 

We get to the root cause of your irregular cycles and begin to heal the body with key nutrients self care in each phase of your cycle.  This will help heal your body, find balance and promote regular cycle.   

If you get pregnant, I grant you access (for no extra charge) to TRIMESTER 1 of my Prenatal Program - Moving Through the Trimesters.  

Modules include (1) Pregnancy State of Mind (2) Trimester One - The Fundamentals (3) Prenatal Nutrition Masterclass and (4) Unpleasant Pregnancy Conditions & How to Treat Them

This will decided during week 1 of the program. I will do a poll giving options on a few dates/times and we will land on the one that most people are available. Options will include weekday lunch time, weeknight evenings and weekends to try and accommodate everyone.  

All live group coaching calls will be recorded and added to the membership portal after every meeting for your access. 



Prices in USD





Prices in USD



Want to ask me some questions before joining?

You might be thinking, why don’t I just learn all of this on my own?


Knowing how to properly optimize fertility takes research, knowledge and education. In addition, staying on top of any new health plan takes focus, motivation and discipline. 

This program was designed by a trained health professional with principles that work. Imagine letting go of the anxiety and confusion of wondering if what you are doing every single day is properly supporting your body for a baby.

It's time to finally get clear!

Get your body ready for easier and healthier baby-making with the Master Your Cycle To Get Pregnant Program.


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