Living in the Wait

In this interview you will learn the importance of and how to reframe your mindset during the preconception journey. Whether you've just started trying or have been diagnosed with infertility, this interview will provide some great insight into how to continue living in the wait.


Grab your fertility foundations guide. This is the very information Melissa wish she would’ve had at the beginning of her infertility journey.

Melissa Vande Kieft

Melissa Vande Kieft, is the Founder of Living in the Wait, an online resource to encourage and guide those who find themselves in a period of uncertainty wondering when their wait will end. She created this site from her own experience of waiting, which was 3 1/2 years of navigating infertility.

With more than 15 years as an event planner, Melissa enjoys all things related to logistics and details. She recently hosted her first virtual event, the Living Through Infertility Summit. Attendees came together from four countries and13 states, all to have heart-level conversations about the day-to-day aspects of navigating infertility.

She’s a first-time mom, writer, speaker, Fertility Coach and Consultant. Currently, she is writing her first book, drawing from her personal experience about waiting and the transformation it brings. In her spare time, you’ll find her in the great outdoors or watching college sports with her guy, Ry, and almost two-year-old daughter, Crosbee, the coolest person she knows.


IG: @livingthroughinfertility