How A Morning Ritual Can Help Get You Pregnant

One of the most effective ways of working towards what we desire in life is through practising and maintaining daily rituals. Yes, this even holds true for getting pregnant. 

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, ‘what do you do when you first wake up and get out of bed?” Do you check your phone? Do you go straight to your computer and see what emails rolled in overnight? Do you head straight to your coffee machine? Maybe you already partake in a morning meditation.

The problem with starting your day with “checking things” is you’re not setting yourself up for a productive day that honours your mind or your body. Two key players in optimizing health and fertility. 

When I started creating a morning ritual and did it consistently, I started to see major changes to my overall health, my business and the decisions I made throughout my day. Not to mention, the calmness that came along with giving myself space in the morning to properly set my mind and body up for the day without injecting it with my to do list.

I spent time really honing my morning ritual and creating a proper mindset and morning routine to optimize my health and fertility.

I’ll tell you two things I noticed:

  • My angst and eagerness (which most of the time turned into paralyzing overwhelm) to get going with my day went from a high 10 to a calming 2. I’m naturally quite the doer, and can easily get caught up in my to do’s without taking the necessary time to acknowledge how my body and mind are feeling that day 

  • I was MUCH more focused on fueling myself properly because I wasn’t distracted by emails, what other people were doing and social media.

Rituals are one of the most effective, self-empowering tools freely available at our disposal. 

In this blog post, I’m going to help set you up with a few morning rituals to help start your day on a productive, positive foot while simultaneously supporting your reproductive hormones.

The key to building new lasting habits is consistency! The pattern in your brain needs to be reinforced daily until these new, healthy behaviors turn themselves into automatic habits that you soon begin to crave. 

So what do my ideal morning rituals look like?

I suggest setting aside at least 20-30 minutes in the morning for YOU! If you do not have children yet, it might be easier to find this time. If you already have kids, it might be a bit more challenging to do all of these things. If you fall into the latter category, trying to find even just 5-10 minutes is better than none, even if it's after your kids have gone to school or daycare.


Drink 1 tall glass (about 2 cups) of room temp filtered water with ¼-½ freshly squeezed lemon after you finish in the bathroom. I don’t recommend drinking coffee right away, as the caffeine will surge your stress hormones.  

You want the water to be cloudy, that’s how you know you have enough lemon juice inside.  If by chance you are out of fresh lemons, you can add 1-2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (raw and unpasteurized) instead. 

This simple habit will start cleansing the body by acting on the liver right away. It increases bile to help start the cascade of digestion for when you eat breakfast. It also alkalizes the body, helps prevent constipation, improves your skin and reduces heartburn. After you drink your water, prepare for a morning stretch,


Prepare your yoga mat the night before. Create a little oasis area in your home where you will not be disturbed and you feel comfortable to relax. Remember, your body is your temple, so be kind to it first thing in the morning. Start to wake up the body with some gentle stretching and deep breathing. A few of my favorite morning stretches are:

  • Cat and cow

  • Supine spinal twist 

  • Thread the needle

  • Foot, ankle and hamstring stretch

  • Shoulder rolls

CLICK HERE for my 10-minute morning core and stretch routine. 


After you’ve gotten some blood flowing to your muscles, take the time to sit still. This can be the hardest part for a lot of people. But trust me, as you continue to cultivate this practice, it will get easier. In fact this is a great place to help you get some answers to things you are feeling unsure or unsettled about.  I highly recommend using your morning meditation to sit and observe your breath only. 

While you meditate, many many thoughts are going to pop up in your head. That is why we use the breath as the focal point. It's your anchor to keep your attention focused, coming back to the breath over and over again as the monkey mind does its thing.  The key is not to attach yourself to the thoughts that arise. The goal is to observe them without getting caught up in the story of them. Do this over and over again until your 10-minute timer goes up, and you will notice a big difference in how you experience and manage stress in your life.


After your meditation, grab your journal and write down what came to you. Putting pen to paper is a crucial step for creating the life you desire. For instance, it’s hard to jump from dreaming to doing. As every architect or designer knows, there is a critical step between vision and reality. Before imagining becomes three-dimensional, it usually needs to be two dimensional, remember baby steps. It’s as though the unseed order needs to come to life one dimension at a time. That’s why I recommend journaling. 

Now, I’m not saying, you need to do exactly what I do.  But what I am trying to convey here is that a consistent morning ritual can do wonders for you not only with your mindset and health, but will transfer to all areas of your life. 

When you show up as your best self and feel centered and ready to take on the day, it’s a truly magical feeling. You might find that one thing or maybe all of these things are helpful to you. Whatever you do, the key is to keep going. It’s the action of doing something daily that can be transformational. 

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