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THIS Increases Your Chances of Getting Pregnant by 80%!

Getting pregnant requires a complex interplay of hormones and nutrients of which can all be affected by your food choices, stress and your environment. 

As you make better food choices, your biochemistry improves and with it your mood, energy levels, hormone and gut health and even your outlook on life. 

I can’t stress enough how important your preconception health and well being is before you try to conceive. 

I get it! Preparing for pregnancy the first time is enough to know your socks off. It is so overwhelmingly exciting and nerve racking at the same time. There are a million things to consider, especially as a woman who feels the inner calling to be a mom, you want to do the best you can to set you and your unborn baby up for the best possible outcome when pregnancy arrives and for your future child's health. 

By boosting your body’s health before getting pregnant now, will not ONLY affect your baby’s health, but also your grandchildren’s health. 

How is this even possible? Through what’s called epigenetics! 

Epigenetics are like the on and off switches of our DNA. These switches, once thought to be permanently set, are actually capable of changing, and one way we can change them to positively affect our DNA and genes is through diet. 

This was first genetically proven with rats by epigenetics researcher Dr. Randy Jirtle, and outlined in the journal of Molecular and Cellular Biology (2003). 

In fact, according to the American Medical Women’s Association, diet has been proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term by a whopping 80%!

So, you can change your health and improve your chances of getting pregnant, just by changing your DNA (and hence your baby’s DNA) for the better.  The first step is by making smarter decisions about the foods you eat. 

What you eat also dramatically influences your gut microbiome, or the combined genetic material of the microorganisms (good and bad bugs) living your digestive system, which play a significant role in your overall health. 

The choices you make now, not only affect your health prior to conceiving, but also throughout pregnancy and postpartum. More importantly, it also pays enormous dividends in your child's quality of life, ALL THE WAY through to adulthood, because your baby will inherit your gut microbiome & the state of your gut health, which ultimately lays the foundation for your baby's immune system. 

Mind blowing stuff right!?

So now you might be thinking, what should I focus on eating to help me get pregnant? 

I’ve put together a fertility goddess diet that I coach my clients through in my Holistic Pregnancy Prep program. These specific foods and food groups are essential to improve your odds of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term.

Since the foods that we eat make up our cells, bones, skin, immune system, brain and even affect our emotions, it’s no wonder that food alone can increase your chances of getting pregnant by a whopping 80%.

Firstly, you must remove the toxic, inflammatory foods in your diet which generally look like caffeine, gluten and dairy (especially depending on your food sensitivities), soy, inflammatory oils, refined sugar and alcohol. 

Then it's time to crowd out the toxins and heal the body with my top 5 fertility superfoods:

  1. Homemade chicken bone broth - for its highly absorbable collagen, gelatin and pregnancy boosting minerals

  2. Dark leafy greens such as kale, dandelion greens, spinach and swiss chard to boost your fiber, folate, chlorophyll and phytochemicals (to only name a few)

  3. Healthy fats & oils like cold water fish and wild caught salmon, cod liver oil, flax and chia seeds and walnuts for their essential fatty acids and omega-3 nutrients 

  4. Pasture raised meat and eggs for its concentration is healthy saturated fats allowing for high absorption of vitamin A (yes, saturated fat is good for you contrary to what mainstream media says).

  5. Thyroid boosting foods such as artichokes, onions, pineapple and seaweed for its iodine properties. Iodine helps the thyroid make the hormones that regulate metabolism and therefore help with energy and weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. 

Book your discovery call today and I can help take a look at your daily food diary to help you identify where you might have some gaps. 


Robert A. Waterland and Randy L. Jitrle. "Transposable Elements: Targets for Early Nutritional Effects on Epigentics Gene Regulation," Molecular and Cellular Biology no. 15 (2003): 5293-5300, doi:10.1128/MCB.23.15.5293-5300.2003.

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