Get your hands on 17 fertility boosting recipes and learn the principles of preconception nutrition.

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Did you know that when you get pregnant, your body will do whatever it needs to protect and grow your baby, even if that means depleting nutrients from you? 

This is why it’s essential to consume whole, nutrient dense foods at least 6 months to a year prior to conceiving so your nutrients stores are as full as they can possibly be. 

  • Are you wondering what a preconception meal plan looks like?
  • Are you sick and tired of scouring the internet and getting conflicting information on how to eat to prepare your body for pregnancy?
  • Are you tired of being hard on yourself for indulging or eating ‘not clean’ food at times?
  • Are you looking for a trusted, simple, healthy, preconception meal plan that takes the guessing out and tells you exactly what to buy?


This mini course includes a 7-day meal plan, 17 delicious recipes and a ready-to-go grocery list, all while teaching you the foundational preconception nutrition principles of how to:

  • Create a balanced meal to ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs
  • Stabilize your blood sugar to support the natural rhythm of your hormones
  • Incorporate KEY fertility nutrients into your daily meal plan
  • Create a healthy relationship with food and your body so that it’s OK to indulge

"I never realized how little I know about the basics of nutrition. This mini course empowered me with basic nutrition knowledge that dramatically improved my way of eating. A game changer! Plus the recipes were delicious."

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Get your body ready for easier and healthier baby-making with this mini-course.


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