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You have more control over this process than you think, but you can’t muscle or hustle your way to pregnancy.


Imagine if you could get: 

  • Clear on how your body changes throughout your menstrual cycle and how to work with your hormones to get pregnant
  • Educated on fertility screening and treatment and know when it's time to take that path
  • Confident about your personal journey and feel more at ease as you begin or continue trying to conceive
  • Informed on your fitness plan so you know how to exercise safely for your body
  • Educated on hormonal contraceptives and understand how to safely detox from them to optimize your reproductive health
  • Informed on male factor fertility and infertility and how to improve sperm health
  • Clear on hidden environmental toxins that might be disrupting your hormones and keep you from seeing a positive pregnancy test

Meet the Experts

Kristy Goodman

Founder, Preconception Test

Topic: What tests are crucial before pregnancy to help identify health risks that could lead to pregnancy complications. 

Lyndsey Clabby

Co-founder, MyMindBodyBaby 

Topic: Exercise levels when planning a pregnancy vs. actively conceiving vs. undergoing fertility treatments.

Melissa Vande Kieft

Founder, Living in the Wait

Topic: Reframing your mindset to prepare for pregnancy with grace and ease.

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh

The Egg Whisperer

Topic: Egg freezing, AMH levels, fertility screening and fertility treatments.

Dr. Marc Sklar

The Fertility Expert

Topic: Male factor fertility and how to improve sperm health.

Christine Tether

Fertility Support Coach

Topic: The hidden environmental toxins that could be impacting your fertility. 

Dr. Keara Taylor

Naturopathic Doctor

Topic: Understanding the female menstrual cycle and how to optimize fertility by balancing your hormones.

Amira Posner

Clinical Social Worker & Therapist

Topic: Relaxation techniques and stress management strategies to help women regain control and cope with the process. 









Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Nora and I am hosting this FREE summit because I believe that women have more control over their fertility than they think   I’m calling out all mama's to be to learn about how to take control of their reproductive health. 

I’m a Preconception Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist who help women prepare for pregnancy and have a healthy baby after 30. I believe:

  • You can have healthy babies well into your thirties and early forties. 
  • Your body is brilliant and designed to procreate and needs the appropriate environment and nutrients to do so 
  • You can take control of your reproductive health

Join this summit and learn the foundational steps to preparing your body for a healthy baby after the age of 30. 


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