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Michelle ~ 4 Months Pregnant
The program has really changed my life so far, in terms of knowing when and what to eat and how to move/exercise and honour my body according to my cycle. Such valuable knowledge that I feel every woman should know, and she does it with such passion and care."
Carine ~ Mother of 1
Under Nora’s expert guidance, I prepared my body for optimal fertility and became pregnant at the age of 34. Nora’s combination of deep wisdom of holistic wellness, commitment to her clients, passion for fertility and genuine empathy and unwavering support are the winning recipe which helped make my dream of starting a family come true. I am now the proud new mama to a beautiful and healthy baby girl."
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Alanah~ 7 Months Pregnant
“I started working with Nora after trying to conceive for 6 months. After just 5 weeks of being in her program, we got pregnant. She literally changed our lives. Not just baby wise, but also health, nutrition, wellness and mindfulness. What she’s got going on is truly a gift of a program.”
Barb ~ 8 Months Pregnant
"Nora is extremely attentive and knowledgeable.  She took the time to review my health in an in depth way to make sure my body was ready for a healthy pregnancy. She kept me motivated and encouraged at a pace that was comfortable for me. We worked on nutrition and exercise to master my cycle and I can't wait to meet our little baby boy."
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Amy ~ 3 Months Pregnant 
"I was so excited to become a mom, and Nora helped me to gain the knowledge and tools to prepare for the healthiest pregnancy. She has been an excellent support for myself in helping to balance my hormones (I no longer have acne as an adult!). She truly meets you where you are at without judgement. She was a tremendous gift to me emotionally, and helped in getting me to feel my best."
Danielle ~ Mother of 1 and baby on the way
I started working with Nora one year prior to conceiving. She helped me master my cycle with nutrition and exercise in order to get pregnant.  I’m glad we did because he came out at 8.07lbs. Nora kept me focused on the entire journey and I am now pregnant with baby #2.
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Danielle ~ Mother of 2
I used to get the worst migraines leading up to my period and intuitively knew there was a hormonal imbalance. We discovered I had estrogen dominance and began to treat the root cause with nutrition, supplements and the right exercise for my body. I got pregnant in 4 months and loved working with Nora. 
Krystal ~ Mother of 1 

Nora helped me understand how nutrition was affecting my body and contributing to my overall inflammation. I can finally get through my day without the dreaded blood sugar swings and know how to nourish myself properly as I prepare for my second baby. I’m also in a much better state to care for myself and my family.

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Mother and Son
Stephanie ~ Mother of 1
As a single mother by choice, Nora's program was just what I needed as I prepared by body and mind for this journey. She helped quell a lot of the overwhelm and anxiety that comes with this process, especially doing it on my own. My health did a complete 180 and she set me up for success on how to care for myself and my growing family. This is the best investment I've ever made and I would do it over again.