I started working with Nora one year prior to conceiving. We started off with personal training and yoga to get my core and body strong to carry my baby to term.  I’m glad I did because he came out at 8.07lbs, which was a lot for my small frame. Once I got pregnant, the first couple months were challenging. I had horrible morning sickness and even though I was gaining weight, I was worried I wasn’t retaining enough nutrients for our Baby Hudson. 


That’s when I started working with her on my nutrition.  Nora kept me focused on healthy eating to ensure the baby got what he needed. Thankfully, my weekly yoga sessions with Nora helped with my nausea. She is also highly focused on technique and form. I greatly benefited from this as she kept my body safe from injury throughout my pregnancy. 


Towards the end of my pregnancy I had such limited range of motion that yoga with Nora was the only physical activity I was able to do. This excess weight started weighing on my mood, but Nora kept me grounded and focused with her patient and caring approach. She was truly able to set me up for success on my new journey ahead.  I am grateful to be working with her, she is the best! 

– Danielle, Mother of 1



I have been working with Nora for years, before and after my first baby as well as before and during my second pregnancy. She’s caring, understanding and fun and at the same time knows how to push me to my full potential! She helped me strengthen and tone with weights, body exercises and yoga. 


She has many modifications and options to try to work through some of my personal weaknesses which allowed us to achieve all our goals. She’s especially good at stretch sessions, which when I’m not up for an intense workout, helps me reset and have a great start to my day. I’m now four weeks postpartum and can’t wait to get the ok from my doctor to start working with Nora again after baby #2! 

– Danielle, Mother of 2

Nora is a fantastic health and fertility coach who is very patient, compassionate and a fabulous listener. Nora and I met after I attended one of her yoga classes in Toronto. Her relaxed and calming, yet strong voice and knowledge on the body attracted me and I approached her after class to chat about visiting my home for private yoga sessions. Once we had our initial meeting about my goals, Nora returned with a thorough plan of attack to get my body, mind and spirit back on track. 


Together we would flow and vinyasa completing lunges that would keep my legs burning for days. After various personal training appointments, Nora developed a detailed nutrition and supplement plan to restore and maximize my energy. Thank you so much for teaching me about diet and nutrition, and for helping me restore my physical strength! Thank you Nora for being part of my journey in feeling better and stronger, I will continue to use the recipes and exercises you shared with me. 

– Courtney, Mother of 1