How she got pregnant naturally after 8 years & an AMH of 0.18

fertility hormones fertility testing fertility treatment lifestyle mindset nutrition Jun 09, 2024

In today’s podcast episode I interview my client, Erika, who shares her fertility journey spanning over eight years. Erika discusses her struggles with infertility, multiple failed IVF treatments, a diagnosis of endometriosis, low AMH and finding hope and success on her journey to conceive naturally. We discuss how perseverance, self-care, faith, and support got her through this journey along with how she successfully got pregnant naturally with an AMH of 0.18 at the age of 39.

Episode highlights:

  • Erika's fertility journey, including struggles with infertility, low AMH, and AFC count
  • Multiple IVF treatments and challenges faced at various fertility clinics
  • Diagnosis of endometriosis and the impact of fertility treatments
  • Importance of nutrition, gut health, and lifestyle changes in improving fertility
  • Finding support from a holistic approach, including hormones, nutrition, gut health and mindset 
  • The role of faith, self-love, and surrender on the fertility journey
  • Erika's successful pregnancy after making lifestyle changes and addressing health issues

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