You can get pregnant with low AMH, here's how

egg quality fertility hormones fertility treatment gut health Jun 23, 2024

Unfortunately, in the fertility world today, women are being sold a label of being “infertile” based on their AMH biomarker. News flash for everyone, AMH alone is not intended to predict fertility. Not only is this now proven in a variety of research studies, but I also see this with my own clients in my practice. In today’s episode, I share the concept of AMH, what it is, the benefits of using it and the limitations when interpreting it, along with debunking some important myths on what it means when a fertility doctor tells you have low AMH and won’t be able to get pregnant naturally or with your own eggs.  

Episode Highlights:

  • What is AMH?
  • What does AMH measure and why do fertility clinics use it?
  • The benefits of testing AMH
  • The limitations when interpreting AMH
  • Debunking the myth on getting pregnant with low or non existent AMH
  • Top 3 tips on how to improve your egg quality

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