Miscarriage Signs, Causes And Amy's Story

egg quality fertility hormones fertility testing lifestyle mindset nutrition sperm health Jul 10, 2022

After pregnancy loss and let down, it can be hard to keep believing that you’re ever going to become a mom. There eventually comes a point where it’s just too painful and you think about giving up. I hear you and see this in my practice a lot. In today’s episode, I’ll share the common signs and symptoms along with 5 causes of miscarriage. Then you’ll hear from a past client who struggled with a loss before she successfully got pregnant.

Episode highlights:

  • Three telltale signs of miscarriage
  • Different types of miscarriage 
  • How genetic issues impact a growing fetus
  • The role of male factor fertility in pregnancy loss
  • How to decrease your chance of a loss with preconception testing 
  • Amy’s story and how she overcame her fear of not getting pregnant 

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