Mindset Shift And The Unspoken Side Of Infertility

fertility treatment lifestyle mindset Sep 18, 2022

In today’s episode I interview Emily Getz, a mindset coach and founder of Day 1 Fertility, a first-of-its-kind fertility support network. Emily is also the host of Day 1 podcast, a show dedicated to the unspoken side of fertility where her goal is to normalize these conversations, bring education to the forefront and most importantly build a community so the journey doesn’t feel so lonely. Emily knows the infertility experience first hand and provides us with a unique perspective on how to live your life with purpose and joy WHILE going through infertility. 

Episode Highlights

  • Not being afraid to go down the "what if this doesn't work out" road
  • Understanding we all have a choice on how we experience the journey - doesn't have to be hard all the time 
  • To be aware of the emotional cycle of fertility and not to judge it
  • Learning to live your life AND go through infertility - you can have both
  • Tips and tools on how to actually let go of the timeline 

Guest Info:

Emily Getz is a mindset coach and founder of Day 1 Fertility a first-of-its-kind fertility support network. Day 1 was founded because of Emily's own personal fertility journey, which you still find her navigating today. Over the past three years Emily has experienced everything from a late pregnancy loss to three rounds of IVF to years of cycle monitoring and most recently an 8-week miscarriage.

Connect with Emily:

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