Your Path To Pregnancy With Dr. Tracey Malone

egg quality fertility testing fertility treatment lifestyle sperm health supplements Nov 27, 2022

There’s many paths to pregnancy in 2022, you just have the find the right one for you.  In today’s episode I interview Dr. Tracey Malone and talk all about how to best prepare for pregnancy. We get into everything from at  home fertility testing, egg and sperm quality, a concept known as micro fertility and even how to best prepare for fertility treatment. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Bird & Be nutraceuticals - fertility at home testing
  • Clarifying the concept of egg quality testing and ovarian reserves
  • Epigenetic imprinting in the preconception stage 
  • How oxidative stress and inflammation contribute to micro infertility
  • Top tips to prepare for fertility treatment
  • My IVF was unsuccessful - now what?
  • How we can use genetic testing to improve fertility

Guest Info: 

Dr. Tracey Malone is a Fertility Focused Naturopathic Doctor. She is the co-founder of Concieve Health Canada’s one and only fully integrated preconception clinics, located inside of the largest Fertility Clinic in Canada - TRIO Fertility partners.  Dr. Tracey is also the co-founder of Bird & Be, Nutraceutical development, a PCOS cyster, a mother of 3 and serial entrepreneur. 

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