What Is Sub Fertility? + Shikha’s Story

egg quality fertility hormones fertility treatment lifestyle nutrition Dec 04, 2022

Two of the most common terms in the preconception industry are fertility and infertility. But what about subfertility? In today’s episode, I’m going to shed light on this not so widely used term along with some truth bombs as to why you may not be seeing a positive pregnancy test just yet. Then you’re going to hear from a past client of mine. Her name is Shikha and she shares her unique experience with her 2.5 year journey of trying to conceive before she finally got pregnant. 

Episode Highlights:

  • What is sub fertility?
  • How subfertility could be impacting you from getting pregnant
  • 6 ‘truth bombs’ on why you might not be seeing a + pregnancy test YET
  • Shikha’s journey to pregnancy
  • Her stage 4 endometriosis and uterine septum diagnosis
  • How she turned her health around with nutrition and exercise in 7 months for a successful pregnancy

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