Low AMH And High FSH With Sarah Clark

amh Dec 11, 2022

What happens when a woman’s ovaries stop working normally while she’s still in the prime of her reproductive years? Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), also known as premature ovarian failure, is the standard diagnosis for this condition. In today’s episode, I interview Sarah Clark, a certified health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to talk about high FSH, low AMH and how to naturally support the body and still get pregnant.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sarah’s personal experience with POI, donor eggs and gut health infections
  • Is POI the same as menopause?
  • The standard conventional treatments with low AMH and high FSH
  • How to still get pregnant naturally with diminished ovarian reserve
  • Why to look beyond your ‘diagnosis’ 

Guest Info: 

Sarah Clark is a certified life coach with accreditation from the International Coaches Federation and a health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  

She is the author of Fabulously Fertile - Supercharge your Fertility Naturally. Her fertility coaching program, which includes functional lab testing, supports couples to make diet and lifestyle changes that dramatically improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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