You Just Got A Positive Pregnancy Test, Now What? With Dr. Ambra Brown

blood labs mental health nutrition supplements Feb 19, 2023

For some the road to getting pregnant is long, uncertain and challenging. The fears and anxieties that come with this process can be debilitating and overwhelming. But now, you finally get a positive pregnancy test - what do you do? In today’s episode, I interview Dr. Ambra Brown, a Pregnancy Health Coach and Physical Therapist.  We dive into her top 5 recommendations for what to do once you see that positive pregnancy test.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Ambra’s personal story of her traumatic birth and how she became a Pregnancy Health Coach
  • The top things to ask when choosing your OBGYN 
  • This nutrition hack to help ease the challenges of the first trimester
  • Why it's essential to find a lactation consultant before you give birth
  • How to prevent incontinence with this resource
  • How your support system can positively impact your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience


Dr. Ambra is a nurturing, hard working, and caring mom of one who has dedicated over 15 years as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Through her own experience from planning to conceive via IUI to navigating the challenges of pregnancy, she helps others become empowered and healthy during preconception and throughout pregnancy.


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