At Home Fertility Screening with Dr. Amy Beckley

ivf miscarriage Mar 19, 2023

When Amy and her husband tried to get pregnant, they suffered through several years of infertility, including seven miscarriages and two rounds of IVF – the second of which resulted in her son.  When Amy decided she wanted another child (without another round of IVF), she used her background in hormone signaling to uncover a progesterone problem known as a luteal phase defect. In today’s episode, I interview Dr. Amy Beckley, the founder of Proov and the inventor of the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm ovulation at home.  We dive deep into Dr. Amy’s challenge with infertility and how it was the catalyst to change her career and launch Proov. She shares how you can easily take fertility back into your own hands at home without having to solely rely on the medical system.

Episode Highlights

  • Dr. Amy's struggle with low progesterone, seven miscarriages and an unexplained infertility diagnosis 
  • Her motivation to create the first FDA cleared ovulation test kit at home
  • The hardship of undergoing IVF
  • How identifying issues in the luteal phase early on can keep you from undergoing fertility treatment
  • Proov’s unique testing mechanism and how it gives you an ovulation score to help you identify how healthy your cycle is


Amy Beckley, PhD, is the founder of Proov and the inventor of the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm ovulation at home.  Her personal struggles with seven miscarriages, 2 rounds of IVF and an unexplained infertility diagnosis pushed her to create one of the first FDA cleared at home fertility test kits.  Proov provides an entire suite of at-home diagnostic tests and solutions.  Proov has helped over 50,000 women know more about their hormones and has sold over 120,000 test kits to date.

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