Top Strategies For The Two Week Wait

luteal phase Mar 26, 2023

The TWW is the time between ovulation and your next period (or for those of you listening) your hopefully missed next period. It's the approximate two weeks that go by when your body is potentially implanting a fertilized egg into your uterus. When you’re trying to conceive, these two weeks can be filled with anxiety, worry, impatience and frustration. If this is you, I hear you! In today’s episode, I'm going to be sharing some of the best strategies for the two week wait to help nourish your body, ease your mind and increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

Episode Highlights

  • What happens in your body during the two week wait?
  • 3 telltale signs of low progesterone
  • What not to do during the two week wait
  • The best time to test for pregnancy
  • The best foods to eat in your luteal phase
  • How to exercise during the two week wait
  • Signs of implantation

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