Infertility Saved My Life With Sarah Willoughby

infertility ivf Apr 16, 2023

In today’s episode I interview Sarah Willoughby, an Infertility and Transformation Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker and Reiki Practitioner. Sarah’s journey to self love began after a disastrous IVF cycle that left her in the ICU for weeks and wondering if she would make it out alive. Following her recovery, she vowed to make her purpose about empowering people to heal, love themselves and provide hope on a path to parenthood. As the profound title of her book says, infertility saved her life. Here’s her story.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sarah's unexpected journey to motherhood & trauma of undergoing IVF
  • The potential consequences of undergoing IVF
  • How Sarah used pain of infertility to transform and save her own life
  • How to harness your intuition to help guide you on your fertility journey
  • The brain is neuroplastic, when we change the way we think, we change our current reality
  • How to work with Sarah to transform your life

Guest Bio:

Sarah Willoughby is an Infertility and Transformation Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker and Reiki Practitioner. Sarah is passionate about empowering people to heal, love themselves, achieve more and transform their lives and guides her clients to find the answers that lie deep inside and provides hope on the path to parenthood. Sarah’s book, ‘Infertility Saved My Life’ shares Sarah’s journey to self-love through PCOS, secondary infertility, and a disastrous IVF cycle that almost ended her life.  Following her recovery, Sarah followed her intuition and emigrated to Australia to begin a heart-centred life and business. Sarah loves being in nature with her three beautiful children who are her greatest teachers.

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