Top mindset strategies for infertility with Rena Gower

lifestyle mindset Jul 16, 2023

Every person faces a unique set of challenges, mental, emotional, physical, and situational when struggling to get pregnant. When undergoing infertility, stress levels have been shown to be the same as someone who is going through AIDS, Cancer and Heart Disease. In today’s episode, I interview Rena Gower, a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Today we discuss all things mindset and dive into everything from how to successfully communicate with loved ones, when to seek additional support, how to navigate big feelings of jealousy and envy and much more. I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode Highlights:

  • Rena’s 2-year personal struggle with infertility 
  • When is the best time to start seeking additional mental and emotional support for infertility?
  • How to successfully communicate with close family and friends about how to support you through infertility
  • How to navigate strong feelings of jealousy and envy for friends who are pregnant or recently had a baby
  • How to take your power back in a time of extreme uncertainty 
  • The “circle of life” tool
  • The best strategy for partner support during the infertility process

Guest Bio:

Rena Gower is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Outside of her private practice, Rena is the Director of Social Work Services at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York.  She is the founder and co-host of Fertility Forward, a podcast dedicated to bringing listeners cutting edge and accurate information on different aspects of the fertility space. She is also the author of "Infertility 101: A Quick & Concise Guide" available on Amazon.

Rena Gower brings both personal and professional experience to her work with clients. She believes that having an empathic support system and access to resources can help patients through difficult times and prevent mental health struggles from becoming all-consuming. Rena approaches her clients from a strengths perspective and helps them work to find the resilience and courage to carry on.

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