The impact of sugar on hormones and how to consume it to optimize fertility

fertility hormones lifestyle nutrition Sep 24, 2023

How can something sweet make life turn sour when trying to conceive? It all comes down to the biology of how the body reacts to sugar and the consequences that follow. In today's episode, I share the facts on how sugar impacts your hormones and fertility, where sugar comes from and what you can start doing today to live a lifestyle that doesnt have you addicted to sugar.

Episode Highlights:

  • The hormonal hierarchy and why insulin and cortisol are “life and death” hormones
  • How your reproductive sex hormones are impacted by imbalanced blood sugar levels
  • The different forms of sugar and where its found in foods
  • The impact of sugar on ovulation
  • How imbalance blood sugar can contribute to estrogen dominance
  • Top tips on how to consume sugar 

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