Exploring the powerful connection between spirituality and fertility with Tamara Smith

cycle charting lifestyle mindset Oct 01, 2023

In today’s episode, I interview Tamara Smith, or Tam Inspires, who also goes by your Fertility Juju Educator. She comes from her own personal struggles with her menstrual cycle. Like many of us, she was on birth control, constantly bloated and sick of the band-aid approach to her womanly problems. So, she decided to ditch the BS and start listening to her spirit guides, channeling the ancient wisdom of her ancestors, and getting in tune with her body. ​By tapping into her cycle and harnessing her fertility juju, she was able to kick those synthetic hormones to the curb and take control of her own reproductive health. And now, she helps others do the same.

Episode Highlights:

  • Unlocking the spiritual journey to fertility: from birth control to spirit babies
  • The journey of coming off birth control and embracing fertility awareness
  • The connection between spirituality and fertility
  • The ebb and flow of women's energy
  • Unlocking the power of spiritual practices in the fertility journey
  • Divine DNA partners: The science of genetic compatibility
  • Tips for getting out of your head and tapping into your wisdom
  • Connecting with ancestors for spirit baby
  • Unlocking Juju: Healing, manifestation, and ancestral connection

Key takeaways and lessons from the episode:

  • Embrace your spirituality and connect with your inner wisdom
  • Trust in your body and its natural cycles
  • Seek guidance from ancestors and spirit baby guides
  • Prioritize self-care and build confidence in your journey
  • Find a supportive community that understands and uplifts you


Meet Tamara B. Smith, aka Tam Inspires, the empowering force behind black women in their 30s and 40s on their fertility journeys. With a deep understanding of unique challenges faced by women of color, she guides clients through spiritual fertility, connecting them with spirit babies and guides, while dismantling blockages. Tamara's relatable approach and transformative resources make her a sought-after guest for podcasts exploring fertility, spirituality, and inner power.

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Empowering Black Women in Their Fertility Journeys

00:00:01 - 00:00:43

In this episode, Tam Smith, also known as Tam inspires, discusses her work in empowering black women in their thirties and forties on their fertility journeys. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by women of color, Tam guides her clients through spiritual fertility, connecting them with spirit baby guides and dismantling any blockages. Tune in to learn more about Tam's empowering approach and the impact it has on black women's fertility journeys.

Unlocking the Spiritual Journey to Fertility: From Birth Control to Spirit Babies

00:00:43 - 00:02:30

In this engaging conversation, Tam shares her personal journey of transitioning from birth control to becoming a certified fertility educator and spiritual guide. She discusses her experiences of connecting with spirit babies and helping women on their fertility journeys. Tam also reveals how a dream inspired her to create a fertility deck that went viral on TikTok, leading to her global outreach as a spiritual practitioner. Join us as we explore the intersection of spirituality and fertility in this captivating discussion.

The Journey of Coming Off Birth Control and Embracing Fertility Awareness

00:02:30 - 00:04:42

In this transcript, two individuals discuss their experiences with birth control and the decision to come off it. The conversation touches on the emotional and physical changes they observed while on birth control and their exploration of alternative methods like the fertility awareness method. They share how learning about their bodies and embracing their natural cycles brought a sense of freedom and healing. The conversation also highlights the shift in mindset from fearing pregnancy to trusting the universe's guidance in their motherhood journey. Overall, it is a story of self-discovery, healing, and embracing the beauty of the natural fertility process.

The Connection Between Spirituality and Fertility

00:04:42 - 00:05:59

In this transcript, the speaker discusses the connection between spirituality and fertility, particularly for women. They explain that women have easier access to the spiritual realm due to their ability to house babies in their womb. The speaker helps their clients tap into their spirituality and connect with their spirit guides, which allows them to manifest their desires more easily. The speaker emphasizes the power of women as the gateway and bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.

The Ebb and Flow of Women's Energy

00:05:59 - 00:07:38

In this conversation, the speakers discuss the fluctuating energy levels of women throughout their menstrual cycle. They acknowledge that there is no set time when women feel more tapped in or energetic, as it varies depending on factors such as diet, lifestyle, and planetary influences. One speaker shares her personal experience of feeling tired before her period but full of energy on another day. The other speaker mentions feeling more sensitive and emotional during her luteal phase, leading up to her period. Overall, they agree that women's energy levels ebb and flow, and it's important to listen to their bodies and go with the flow.

Unlocking the Power of Spiritual Practices in the Fertility Journey

00:07:38 - 00:12:10

In this transcript, the speaker discusses how spiritual practices and beliefs can support individuals in their fertility journeys. They emphasize the importance of faith and hope, but also the need to move from believing to knowing. The speaker encourages individuals to tap into their spiritual realm, connect with ancestors and ask for guidance. They also highlight the role of the speaker as a bridge to help clients uncover their own truths and provide guidance on rituals, nutrition, finances, and other aspects of life. The speaker mentions the influence of spirit babies and the importance of finding the right partner for one's bloodline and divine DNA. Overall, the transcript explores the intersection of spirituality and fertility, offering insights and guidance for individuals on their unique paths to parenthood.

Divine DNA Partners: The Science of Genetic Compatibility

00:12:10 - 00:13:24

In this transcript, the speaker discusses the concept of divine DNA partners and genetic compatibility. They share a personal experience and highlight a study that showed how an egg can reject certain sperm while accepting others. The speaker expresses curiosity about whether genetic compatibility can be altered and acknowledges the challenges that can arise when partners are not genetically compatible.

Tips for Getting Out of Your Head and Tapping into Your Wisdom

00:13:24 - 00:17:14

In this transcript, the speaker discusses the importance of getting out of our heads and into our bodies to access our inner wisdom. They suggest honoring ourselves, trusting in our own intuition, and unlearning conditioning that no longer serves us. They emphasize the need to use common sense and question information from external sources. Spending time in nature, observing natural cycles, and practicing sound therapy are recommended. The speaker also advises against participating in trauma-bonding Facebook groups and comparing our journey to others. Additionally, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diet is suggested as a way to open ourselves up energetically.

Disconnect to Reconnect: Finding Personalness in a World of Noise

00:17:15 - 00:18:19

In today's world of social media and constant screen time, it's easy to feel disconnected from ourselves. By reducing the amount of noise and distractions and taking breaks from technology, we can reconnect with our true selves. This transcript explores the personal experience of disconnecting from screens and social media and the positive impact it can have on our well-being.

Unlocking Fertility: Connecting with Ancestors for Spirit Baby

00:18:19 - 00:23:53

In this transcript, Tam shares her unique approach to helping clients connect with their spirit babies. Clients reach out to her through Instagram or email, usually after having dreams about their spirit babies. Tam offers readings to uncover messages from ancestors, who often provide specific rituals and guidance. One client's grandmother came through in a reading and instructed the client and her partner to perform a ritual to bring their bloodlines together and acknowledge their lost baby. Following the ritual, the client became pregnant and successfully carried the baby. Tam conducts her sessions through audio recordings, which she sends to her clients. She emphasizes the power of connecting with ancestors and the importance of individual gifts and techniques. Tam plans to offer face-to-face coaching calls in the future, as well as in-person fertility rituals using ancestral instruments and chants. Overall, Tam's approach combines spirituality, ancestral guidance, and personalized rituals to help clients on their fertility journey.

Unlocking Juju: Healing, Manifestation, and Ancestral Connection

00:23:54 - 00:26:03

In this transcript, the speaker discusses their work in creating a safe and supportive environment for black women and marginalized communities. They highlight the importance of building confidence and mastering one's Juju, which can take various forms such as lighting candles, chanting, visualizing, or journaling. The focus is on healing and unlocking ancestral trauma, with the manifestation of a baby being an added benefit. The speaker shares how their Juju mamas have experienced regulated cycles, shrinking fibroids, dissolved cysts, and improved relationships. Through these practices, they open themselves up to the guidance of their ancestors and become more aware of other realms. The speaker emphasizes that they are the portal and bridge for these connections to happen.

The Spiritual Teacher Who Connects with Ancestors

00:26:03 - 00:27:38

Tam, a high school teacher, embraces her spirituality and connects with her students' ancestors. She shares her experiences of channeling and how she integrates her spiritual beliefs into her teaching. Tam believes in being true to herself and not suppressing her spiritual side to make others comfortable.

Unlock Your Fertility Juju with Powerful Rituals

00:27:38 - 00:32:12

In this transcript, Tam shares information about her free resources and her ebook called Fertility Juju Unlocked. She discusses various fertility rituals, such as candle magic, and the significance of using green candles for healing energy. Tam also explains different ways to perform the rituals, including meditation, intention writing, and chanting. She suggests specific days, like Thursday and Friday, for lighting the candles based on their energy. Tam mentions the practice of folding paper towards oneself to bring positive intentions and burning it during sunrise or sunset for release. She talks about her in-person fertility rituals and invites interested individuals to visit her website and join her Facebook group, Fertility Juju Mamas. Tam emphasizes accessibility and encourages people to reach out to her via email for further guidance. Overall, this transcript provides valuable insights into unlocking fertility juju through powerful rituals and connecting with a supportive community.

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