How much protein should I eat in a day to get pregnant?

nutrition supplements Oct 08, 2023

Protein is a big topic in the fertility and wellness world today. Some experts encourage us to eat zero animal protein, while others urge us to make it the main focus of our meal. To say this is confusing is an understatement. In today’s podcast, I’m going to share my knowledge on this topic including what protein is, where it comes from, if plant or animal based is better for fertility and how much you should eat. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The roles of protein in the body and how it supports fertility
  • The difference between complete and incomplete protein foods
  • Why it's not just about ‘eating enough protein’
  • The missing crucial vitamin that vegans should supplement with 
  • How to pair your food when vegan to make sure you’re eating a ‘complete protein’
  • The benefits of animal protein foods
  • How to source your animal protein properly
  • How much protein to eat in a given day

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