5 Things To Avoid When TTC

lifestyle mindset nutrition Dec 03, 2023

I share quite a bit on this podcast on what to do when preparing for pregnancy, but in today’s episode I’m going to share some of the top things to avoid when trying to conceive. 

Episode Highlights:

  • What to look out for with fad diets and taking extreme measures to get pregnant
  • The power of your intuition and how it can help you conceive 
  • How avoiding these 2 things can make or break your pregnancy prep journey
  • Why following too many fertility expert accounts can hinder your pregnancy prep
  • Why putting your life on hold should be avoided as you try for a baby

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Please Note: The contents of this podcast are for educational and informational purposes only. The information is not to be interpreted as, or mistaken for, clinical advice. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

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