How this hormone test can help you get pregnant

fertility hormones fertility testing Mar 03, 2024

Hormone optimization is a key component of health and fertility. So when we are ready to start preparing for pregnancy, most of us ask the doctor to run some blood labs to check our hormone levels to make sure we’re in the clear and ready for baby making. But, there are considerable limitations when it comes to hormone testing through blood labs.  In today’s episode you’re going to learn why blood labs for hormone testing are not ideal and what other options are available to help you improve your fertility outcomes to help you get pregnant.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to test hormones for fertility and reproductive health
  • The benefits and limitations of blood testing for reproductive hormones
  • The benefits and limitations of saliva testing for reproductive hormones
  • The gold standard for hormone testing with dried urine
  • Why it's essential to look at hormones and their metabolites for fertility
  • Telltale signs that you need further in depth hormone testing 

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