How She Recovered From 1 Year Of Not Ovulating With Haley Smith

ovulation Feb 12, 2023

Ovulation can be one of the first processes to shut down in your body when under chronic stress. Today you’ll hear from Haley Smith, a Nutritionist and Certified Fertility Awareness Practitioner.  I last interviewed Haley in June of 2022 when she was at the tail end of training for her half marathon. Haley is back, 7 months later to share her story on how she regained a healthy cycle and started ovulating again after months of chronic stress.

Episode Highlights:

  • Haley’s four foundational factors of fertility
  • How she used these as guidepost to understand her cycle was “off”
  • Her history with the birth control pill, how it depleted her nutrient stores and impacted her gut
  • The top things Haley did to start ovulating again
  • Egg quality and how it impacts cycle parameters
  • Preconception health is the precursor to building healthier generations
  • The Fertility Freedom Summit

Guest Bio:

Haley is a Nutritionist and Certified Fertility Awareness Practitioner specializing in helping women find their answers to sub-fertility and inspiring them to take action at the root cause level. She’s on a mission to serve women who have never been taught how their fertility works or given agency on their journey to conception. She does so by bringing a step by step process to helping women understand their menstrual cycle and restore their fertility.

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