How To Improve Egg Quality

egg health Mar 04, 2023

Today we are getting into one of the sexiest topics in fertility, how to boost egg health. I say sexy because it's the topic that grabs most people’s attention when trying to optimize fertility to get pregnant. But if you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now and know my philosophy, you know that optimal egg health is just a positive consequence to optimal overall health.  In today’s episode, you’ll learn about the life cycle of the egg, the importance of the ovarian environment along with my top 6 tips on how to improve egg health.

Episode Highlights

  • The life cycle of an egg from its dormant stage to ovulation
  • Why the ovarian environment is a key factor in influencing egg health
  • The essential role of these two vitamins in follicular development
  • How this powerful antioxidant reduces oxidative damage in the ovary
  • Top 3 lifestyle tips to improve egg quality
  • Top supplements to help you get pregnant
  • How a targeted fertility cleanse can improve pregnancy outcomes

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