The shocking news about my estrogen levels

estrogen dominance Sep 03, 2023

Do you struggle with irregular cycles, uncomfortable symptoms or changes to your body that can never be explained through generic blood lab testing because they always come back as normal? In today’s episode, I dive into my personal health journey and what I’ve recently discovered about my estrogen levels after doing a deeper dive into my hormones through a comprehensive functional hormone test. I share what test I used, what I found in my test results, what it means for my health and the protocol I'm currently on to bring my estrogen levels back to a safe and healthy place. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The drastic changes to my period in the past 2 years
  • The comprehensive functional hormone test I did to learn more about health
  • How functional hormone tests are different from conventional blood labs
  • Why healthy estrogen detoxification is essential for fertility
  • The 3 different ways estrogen is broken down in the body (the good, not so good and the bad)
  • My top 3 red flags from my hormone test
  • What I’m doing to treat these issues and bring my body back to balance

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