How she got pregnant after healing from a chronic gut infection

cycle charting gut health lifestyle nutrition Sep 10, 2023

Maria and I started working together in the summer of 2022. When Maria found me, her major complaints were chronic bloating, chronic muscle pain, facial acne and a recent miscarriage.  After lots of testing, it was evident Maria was dealing with candida overgrowth and a leaky gut. In today’s episode, I bring Maria back onto the show as she shares how she got successfully pregnant after healing her gut, along with the challenges she was facing while trying to normalize her diet in the first trimester. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Maria’s 10 year history with birth control, her miscarriage and chronic muscle pain
  • How we discovered her Candida overgrowth
  • Maria’s strategy for staying on top of her anti-candida protocol while planning a wedding and changing jobs 
  • Why she put cycle charting on the back burner while healing her gut
  • The challenge of eating properly in the first trimester while coming off an anti-candida protocol
  • How she found her groove with nutrition in pregnancy 

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