4 Things My Clients Do To Get Pregnant

cycle charting fertility hormones gut health lifestyle nutrition Jan 20, 2024

Did you know that a mothers nutritional status 3 months prior to conception and during her pregnancy can actually alter her baby’s genes? This concept is known as fetal programming and tells us that what a woman eats within 3 months leading up to conception and also while she is pregnant, has the ability to affect fetal development, the baby’s DNA and their long term health, either increasing or reducing the risk of chronic diseases this baby might have as an adult. In today's episode, I dive into my 4R Nutrition Method on how to eat to get pregnant to help you conceive and have a healthy baby.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Get Pregnant Program is here!
  • This food compromises gut health and is unfortunately found everywhere
  • Learn how many drinks are ok to have when preparing for pregnancy
  • These two nutrients are essential for thyroid function
  • Understand what food is a non negotiable for thyroid function
  • My top food for healing the gut
  • 5 simple tips to help regulate blood sugar

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